Early Hillmorton is charted

The “old” Hillmorton chart is now shown as part of the Rugby chart. The “current” Hillmorton chart shows the earlier period of habitation by Satchwells. Hillmorton is nowadays a suburb of Rugby, but was formerly a separate village. Its church is well worth a visit today.

Ladbroke into Hellidon and Culworth renamed Sulgrave

The Ladbroke chart is now combined into Hellidon as a result of Matthew being identified as another son in the latter.

In addition the Culworth chart is extended back one further generation and is renamed Sulgrave (a neighbouring Northamptonshire village).

All census, parish register and GRO documents have been edited to refer to the revised chart names in the rightmost column, and chart descriptions for Hellidon and Sulgrave are amended or new.

Hellidon in Northamptonshire

Using parish register material already obtained, I extended the Hellidon chart one generation further back.

It has not yet been possible to combine any more charts. With luck I should be visiting Northampton again shortly.

Work at Northampton

Progress is made on Northamptonshire parish registers.

In particular entries have been transcribed for Blisworth, Cottingham, Milton Malsor and Spratton. Further work is needed. Most of the entries are recorded as Satchell, some as Satchwell, it is clear the spellings are interchangeable. A new chart is shown for Lilbourne, but see below.

I have noticed the geographical closeness of Swinford, Yelvertoft, Lilbourne, Kilsby and Clifton-on-Dunsmore, so I am going to have another look as to whether some of these small charts may or may not be combined.

Work at Staffordshire

A visit over 3 days to Staffordshire Record Office yielded more detail into baptisms and marriages in the Walsall area, which leads to changes to the Harborne2 and Sutton Coldfield charts. In addition, details of two marriages in the West Bromwich area affect the Norton-juxta-Twycross chart and one baptism in Walsall on the Deddington chart.

No more baptisms, marriages or burials can be found in this way as I have looked exhaustively. Further additions to the Harborne2 and Sutton Coldfield  charts may have to be done by ordering certificates, a costly exercise.