Just a little to show for visit to Birmingham

A two-hour visit to Birmingham Library resulted in only one new piece of information, the marriage of William and Eliza at Handsworth St James in Staffordshire in 1875. It’s not yet clear which chart they should be placed on.

I’ve also discovered the maiden name and marriage details (Long Sicca Marston on the Gloucestershire border) of Job (1705-1745) and Elizabeth on the Leamington-Job chart. And one more son of Job and Sarah Harris on the Warwick4 chart. Both are updated on this site.

Visits to Stafford and Sandwell may take place this autumn to flesh out details on the Harborne and Sutton Coldfield charts.

Sutton Coldfield chart

Two sets of marriage details at West Bromwich and at Handsworth are now shown on this chart. Thomas married another Satchwell, Eliza Tandy, who I’ve not come across before. According to the census she was born  at Great Barr. I’ll need to have a look there for her history.

And the surname of Lizzie wife of miner John was Jordan, so with that information I’ve been able to add a few more children (since after 1911 mother’s maiden name is given for you in the GRO index), taking care to observe the 100-year rule.

A busy week

OK, quite a lot happened this week so here goes.

Chart Egham is renamed London3. Esher is now combined into London6, Spalding into London2, London10 into London5, and St Mary Church into Combe-in-Teignhead.

Chart descriptions are updated accordingly, as well as all GRO and Census documents to now cross-reference to the revised chart names.

Thanks to correspondent Jo, we now have more details about the Coventry Satchwells shown in the Leamington-William chart, where we know William who married Emily Lissaman was a Wesleyan lay preacher.

I’ve also researched four more Wills from Northamptonshire, all from the parish of Cottingham, who were weavers. I’ve not yet extracted parish register baptisms, marriages or burials from the registers from this branch. Gretton also remains to be done.

A number of minor additions to Frankton, Norton-juxta-Twycross and Birmingham7.

An updated version of The Story of the Satchwells, version 5.1 from the home page is available and incorporates all these changes.

Coventry St John, Wolston and Northampton

A visit to Lichfield record office results in a tidy for Coventry St John entries prior to 1813 (some were spurious).

Also new charts Northampton (the town) and Wolston, Warwickshire are presented. In Northampton, milliner Joseph became town mace bearer, surely an important official function. And in Early Wolston, records go back even further to 1603, although the chart doesn’t go that far.

All entries onto Charts are cross-checked on the Parish Registers documents in the rightmost column as usual.

Northamptonshire Wills, and Tidy of Early Coventry

Transcriptions of Northamptonshire Wills are now shown on the Wills page which is now organised by county. There is much family information: some has been used to show the migration of Satchwells from Swinford, which gets a new Chart, to Kilsby. There is more to be collected from Parish Register information.

Early Coventry charts which were formerly in five small charts are now in three, named Early Coventry1-3. Further work is necessary to get these into shape, along with additional details at Holy Trinity not yet on any chart. St John’s parish registers of faded parchment might have been copied into Bishops’ Transcripts and I will investigate this possibility.

And another thing

On further consideration I have combined the chart named Coventry3 beginning with George and Sarah into the largest chart of all, Leamington-Job, where I believe George to fit in nicely already shown as a son of Thomas and Elizabeth nee Fox at Budbrooke, outside Warwick. Coventry3 is now deleted.

The small chartlets Coventry5-9 have been temporarily deleted as I shall be working on them shortly. The information is still shown on the Parish Registers Warwickshire document.

Work has started on London in the 18th century (see Parish registers Middlesex and Surrey), there’s more to come!

Coventry and Rugby

A correspondent has very helpfully pointed out that the Coventry2 chart can be placed as part of the Leamington-William one, see updated Chart Descriptions for Coventry and Leamington. The old Coventry2 is now deleted.

Progress on Rugby continues with spouses’ surnames and marriage details now included on the chart. This family is now one of the largest charts on this site, and shows members residing in Leicester and London by 1911.

Analysis of the Satchell surname in the form of a graph of births marriages and deaths from 1841 is shown on the UK Sources/ General Register Office page. I have brought back the GRO Births. Marriages and Deaths for all three surname variants as this is a valuable resource and can be used to cross-reference the charts.