The Satchwell One-Name Study

Welcome to the site that documents the history of the Satchwell surname.

In essence, One-Name Studies are all about collecting and analysing all data to do with one surname or its variants. The website is registered number 3036 with the Guild of One-Name Studies Work on the Satchwells began in 1984 and is ongoing. The study is now being extended to the variant spelling Satchwill.

This website is not for beginners in genealogy. If you are interested in the history of the Satchwell surname, it would help if you have details of your ancestor a little over 100 years ago, in 1911. Most individuals from that time are embedded on one of the pedigree charts on the site. It is not possible to search all charts together. All charts are cross-referenced as far as possible in Census and Parish Registers  in the rightmost column of those documents.

If you have any information on non-living Satchwells, please get in touch via the Contact page. Please make it clear whether or not this would be for publication.

Any photographs of non-living Satchwells would also be appreciated – again please make it clear whether or not you would be happy for them to be published.

Enjoy using the site, and if helping with research, happy hunting! I would especially like to hear from anyone who would like to help with researching Satchells.

Michael Satchwell November 2018.


Some use of and have been used especially for overseas data. All has been transcribed into the tables and charts on this site and there are no copyrighted images reproduced.

Much use has been made of the record offices whose websites are shown on the Links page. Help was also received by many  individual members of the public, both before and after I started this website.


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