A busy week

OK, quite a lot happened this week so here goes.

Chart Egham is renamed London3. Esher is now combined into London6, Spalding into London2, London10 into London5, and St Mary Church into Combe-in-Teignhead.

Chart descriptions are updated accordingly, as well as all GRO and Census documents to now cross-reference to the revised chart names.

Thanks to correspondent Jo, we now have more details about the Coventry Satchwells shown in the Leamington-William chart, where we know William who married Emily Lissaman was a Wesleyan lay preacher.

I’ve also researched four more Wills from Northamptonshire, all from the parish of Cottingham, who were weavers. I’ve not yet extracted parish register baptisms, marriages or burials from the registers from this branch. Gretton also remains to be done.

A number of minor additions to Frankton, Norton-juxta-Twycross and Birmingham7.

An updated version of The Story of the Satchwells, version 5.1 from the home page is available and incorporates all these changes.