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Michael Satchwell

About Michael

Educated at London University, Michael grew up in a dual-heritage world in 1960s Birmingham. Michael has been fortunate to experience much continental European travel throughout his life, and has many international friendships. Consequently he finds himself exposed to many points of view and while considering his politics to be broadly centrist, recognises the importance of tolerance because there are many sometimes conflicting worldviews within modern society. In the past Michael has been involved in campaigning for environmental and social justice issues, now upon semi-retirement he likes to relax with train travel, historical, linguistic and musical pastimes. He is fond of craft beer, intelligent conversation and enjoying the outdoors generally, considers himself sociable but not an expert in any particular subject. Recently he has begun an interest in creative writing. He lives in Kent near family.

I want to help. What can I do?

Thanks for asking! Please

–  send copies of any photographs of individuals or headstones, or certificates or interesting documents

– consider whether you can research either on the internet or using original sources like microfilm or old documents. We specially need more research done on the USA, Ireland and Australia please, so as to make the Study truly world-wide.

– tell your relatives! Thank you

Note: this study is done under the auspices of the Guild of One-Name Studies (GOONS). The ultimate goal is to collect as many occurrences of our name as we can find around the world. Under Guild rules I respond to all queries. If you’re not satisfied, please feel free to let them know at

Terms of use

This site displays information from public and private sources. I do not intend to gain commercially from the information presented here. It is made available on this site for non-commercial use ONLY.

This is not a primary source for most of the data contained. Although I have obtained information from parish registers, census, International Geneaological Index etc., even these contain errors of fact and of transcription. So I encourage users to go and check the original records themselves and let me know if better information comes to light.

PRIVACY: 100-year rule

I know that many people regard the internet as intrusive and a potential threat to their privacy. I aim not to disclose any information about any individual born within the last 100 years unless I know that individual has died. In common with other One-Name Studies, I do collect and retain information on living persons for the benefit of researchers who come after us, and potentially from the perspective of being able to find living Satchwells which might be added onto one or other of the pedigree charts in the future.