Norton-juxta-Twycross Haynes and Green mothers’ maiden names found

For each of these two families on the Norton-juxta-Twycross chart the mothers’ maiden name has been found and is shown. In neither case are the actual marriage details available, however.

Four Bromsgrove Marriages, and a mystery

Dates for four marriages are shown on the Bromsgrove chart after a visit to The Hive in Worcester.

A meeting with correspondent Jo at Warwick results in a mystery surrounding the origin of the Leamington-William and Leamington-Job charts – early members of the family were buried at Stivichall near Coventry. Did they originate from there?

Infant deaths

I’ve marked on the General Register Office-Births page those infants who died aged under 5 for the period 1865-1917, when we have age at death, i.e. I have matched the Deaths with the Births. These are the individuals who I cannot yet place on any chart as I don’t have details of their parents.

This will help separate out those who survived into adulthood and give a better understanding of who is still unaccounted for to fit on a pedigree chart.

Transferring the Satchells

I find I do not have the energy to pursue the Satchell surname as well, and so have archived this study in partial form back to the Guild of One-Name Studies.

If a new person can be found to take on the work, I will be very happy to liaise on areas in common.

For now, I am removing the GRO Indexes and Census information for the Satchells from this site.

To do the study justice will involve extensive research using online methods and visits to record offices mainly in South-West England, as well as collection of life-stories and portraits from non-living members of the family.

Please get in touch with the GOONS (see link on links page) if you are interested.

Visit to Lincoln

A recent visit to Lincolnshire Record Office gained us three exact burial dates and one marriage date for the Satchwells of Spalding. See chart named London2. These dates are also shown on the new Parish registers – Lincolnshire document on UK Sources.

Infant mortality 1866-1917

Just counted all the Satchwell deaths between 1866 and 1917 that involve infants less than one year old. It’s 125.

Because of the difficulty in placing these on a chart (not all are matched with Births) I have left these unallocated until more information comes to light.

Removing these from the total count for Deaths improves my “score” of matched events to 483/613 = 79%, which is much better.

New marriage details for William, Thomas and George

On the Leamington- Job chart, William Henry’s wife’s maiden name is now confirmed as Hicks and the incorrect placing of son Herbert has been removed. Herbert was the son of another William Henry on the same chart, married to Elizabeth Jakeman and is now correctly shown as marrying Florence Ames.

On the same chart Thomas the confectioner’s first wife’s maiden name is shown, where they married in Bath.

On the Barston chart George the son of William is now shown with a corrected birth year, and as marrying Catherine whose maiden name is now known as Preece. Two illegitimate daughters on this chart are now depicted more clearly, because in both cases the mother married soon afterwards, whether to the fathers of the children or not we don’t know.

Happy New Year 2018

Best of luck and good fortune to all!

I’ve been working on the theory that the old Sutton Coldfield chart links with the Barston chart at Solihull, and am pleased to say that James and Joseph from Solihull are very likely candidates for the James and Joseph at the head of Sutton Coldfield. Therefore the Barston chart now includes the people from Sutton Coldfield, and the Chart Descriptions for the two charts are also combined into one.

The annual release of GRO Birth and Marriage entries for 1917 by the Hundred Year Rule shows a number of entries that can be placed on existing charts, as well as some which are as yet a mystery.

In addition I republish the GRO Births, Marriages and Deaths for Ireland stopping at the end of 1917 for Births and Marriages.

William Owen’s children, Cousins marry in Warwick

On the Norton-juxta-Twycross chart, William Owen Satchwell’s children are divided by first (name unknown) and second wife, and are now displayed in the correct order.

And on the Warwick3 chart, the marriage of William to Mary Satchill is recognised as a first cousin marriage. It may be that the spelling of the bride’s maiden name was invented to disguise this fact.

More in 3 days!

Happy Christmas 2017

22 of the most important charts have been further updated to show more birth and death information, derived from the GRO Births and Deaths documents. The GRO Births, Marriages and Deaths are being prepared for the 1918 cutoff date by showing one more year’s worth of information and these will be uploaded to the site in the New Year.

Statistics for 1837 – 1917: Births 79%, Marriages 74%, Deaths 63% of events which can be positively identified and appear on a chart.

A few of the West Bromwich infants mentioned previously have been placed (on the Norton-juxta-Twycross chart) – the others could be in any of three families so I have not hazarded a guess at those.

A happy Christmas to all!