William Owen’s children, Cousins marry in Warwick

On the Norton-juxta-Twycross chart, William Owen Satchwell’s children are divided by first (name unknown) and second wife, and are now displayed in the correct order.

And on the Warwick3 chart, the marriage of William to Mary Satchill is recognised as a first cousin marriage. It may be that the spelling of the bride’s maiden name was invented to disguise this fact.

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Happy Christmas 2017

22 of the most important charts have been further updated to show more birth and death information, derived from the GRO Births and Deaths documents. The GRO Births, Marriages and Deaths are being prepared for the 1918 cutoff date by showing one more year’s worth of information and these will be uploaded to the site in the New Year.

Statistics for 1837 – 1917: Births 79%, Marriages 74%, Deaths 63% of events which can be positively identified and appear on a chart.

A few of the West Bromwich infants mentioned previously have been placed (on the Norton-juxta-Twycross chart) – the others could be in any of three families so I have not hazarded a guess at those.

A happy Christmas to all!


Census updated

All the census pages for Satchwell have been updated, many more individuals can now be assigned to charts and the number of those not yet identified is now very small.

Ireland Overhauled

The charts Roscommon2 and Roscommon5 have both been combined into Roscommon1, making only three charts now for Ireland. With better information it will hopefully be possible to further merge into one. Unfortunately there’s still no movement with the emigrants – in Ireland-Aston, Birkenhead, Chester, Dewsbury and Wolverhampton.

West Bromwich infants

Point of information – between 1863 and 1910 there were 14 infant deaths of Satchwells in the West Bromwich district, for which there are matching births  (see UK Sources – General Register Office Births and Deaths). None of these infants can yet be assigned to families unless birth certificates are ordered.