Occupations and notes now shown on charts

A feature of the Family Historian package which I had not noticed before is the ability to turn on the display of a person’s

a) occupation and

b) notes of e.g. addresses from the Census.

These were already recorded in the system but now they are displayed on the charts where known.

Additional 18th century entries

Embarrassingly for me, on checking one parish (Curdworth) against a proprietary family history website, revealed a number of omissions in my original manual trawl through parish records in the 1980s and 1990s. Subsequently I have spent some time checking out other places and will now need to spend a few days at Warwickshire record office in particular in order to get the full details. Once this is done, some of the 18th century period charts already done may be affected. No-one is infallible!

Transcription of the 1901 census for Satchell is also continuing.

The Story of the Satchwells, which ran to 58 pages, is undergoing a rewrite and is not currently available.


Rugby revisited, and some renamings

The Rugby chart is updated again as far as currently possible with the data available. Many more entries on the Parish Registers – Warwickshire document remain to be placed on the chart, and the Burial details are not complete. Work on transcribing the 1901 census for Satchell, which will throw more light on this chart in particular, begins next week!

Two charts are renamed: Minworth-Tanworth2 is now named Minworth; and Tanworth is now Packwood. Consequently all references to these charts in Census documents etc. are revised.

New on the Trades page are articles on the Brass and Jewellery trades in Birmingham using Mr Allen’s book as a guide.

Satchwell stats so far

Out of the total of individuals with the Satchwell name extracted from the General Register Office for England and Wales for the period 1837-1916, I’ve been able to identify and place on one of the charts on this site the following percentages:

Births 906/1185 = 76%
Marriages 441/632 = 70%
Deaths 415/731 = 57%

And the transcription of the census details for Satchell in 1891 was finished yesterday. Only 1901 and 1911 to do – then the task will be to create more charts!

Rugby to be overhauled soon

When I have located the burial registers for St Matthew and Holy Trinity an overhaul of the Rugby chart will take place. It is quite tentative at the moment, as is the chart for New Jersey-Kentucky, for which I have sought help from someone in the USA but have so far received no response. If you have information to correct any mistakes please let me know and that goes for all the charts.

I re-read the will of William of Barston 1681 and noted additionally that one of his executors was his cousin John of Packwood. This ties neatly with John and Frances at the head of the Tanworth chart, which actually begins in nearby Packwood. The affidavit (sworn statement) relating to miller William who died in 1811 is also on the Wills page.

Work on transcribing the 1891 Satchell census is nearly complete, and the distribution table will be updated when it is done.



The Minworth-Tanworth2 chart has recently been updated with birth and death dates for John and Mary at the head of the chart. I strongly suspect this chart is linked to the Tanworth one, because later generations of Satchwells all lived in Salter Street and attended the same church (St Patrick). However there is no proof as yet, but bear in mind not everyone was baptised, so John may not appear in the register.

Further work is under way on the 1891 census for Satchell, and a visit to collect more details from Rugby Holy Trinity and St Matthew is planned.