London, Birmingham and Rugby

For London, Parish Registers for Middlesex, Kent and Surrey have more entries, and Hertfordshire is a new document (all under UK Sources/Parish Registers). London  charts 2, 4 and 10 are slightly amended.

I’ve visited Birmingham Archives and checked entries for Birmingham St Martin and St Philip against my transcription from 15 years ago. More detail is now given especially for marriages at St Martin on Parish Registers Warwickshire. Charts Birmingham6, Birmingham7, Great Barr are updated.

I decided to combine chart Harborne3 into Harborne2 because William born 1812 seems to fit well. In consequence all references to chart Harborne3 are changed to Harborne2 in census documents. The Chart Description is amended.

A start has been made on a chart for Rugby which is still only partially complete. More work on transcribing the census for the variant Satchell for 1881 and later is ongoing and will help extend this chart up to the early part of the 20th century. The Chart Description explains more.

Charts Leamington-Job and Tanworth are slightly updated again.

Finally there’s a new table on London Workhouses reached from UK Sources/Other Documents, and documents for Assizes and Poor Law are amended under the Wisdom tab.

In view of the hot weather I am now taking a short break. If there’s anyone who would like to meet on 17th June we’re changing the venue so would you kindly use the Contact Us method on this site to express interest in attending.

Revised Distribution Tables, and removal of duplicates in Census

While revising the figures for the Distribution of Satchwells by County, to include the Satchells up to 1871, a couple of duplicate entries were discovered in the Census on these pages e.g. Thomas Henry hatter of Cheshire. These are now corrected and the example now appears only in the Satchell document. I am considering combining the census documents so that all 3 surname variants appear in the same document years. I’ll do this soon, by adding an extra column for the surname.

1871 Census Satchell now finished

to be found on the Census page with the other Satchell census documents.

A reminder if you’re interested in a short meetup in Birmingham next month – please respond if you’d like to come on either 17th or 24th June. See previous post.

Spring Clean

All the pedigree charts for England (48 in total) have been swept and brushed up, and all the Census documents for England and Wales are tidied, with some small amendments mainly to sequencing.

Chart Coventry4 is now combined at the start of Coventry1, and the chart formerly known as Haseley is now incorporated into Leamington-Job. The reason for this is that I have deduced that upon Sarah Holdback’s death, William was now free to marry Elizabeth Bench at Haseley. Charts Birmingham5 and London14 are new.

Chart Descriptions at Birmingham, Coventry, Leamington and London have been slightly amended.

Work is ongoing on the 1871 Census for Satchell.

New Portraits

Three new portraits added today. Please send more in – as long as they are of Satch(w)ells not living today and you would be happy to have them published.


Meeting coming up – please respond

As I already mentioned, I’ve been thinking about a possible social gathering of those of us who might be interested in a short meetup. This would be a chance to see each other, to talk about the Satch(w)ells and possibly arrange a more regular gathering in the future.

I have in mind the following dates, and propose we meet at Birmingham New Library ground floor café, which I hope is central for us all. Can you please send a quick response via the Contact Us page saying whether Saturday June 17th  or 24th  would be convenient? The meeting would start at about 2.30 p.m. for about an hour, I would guess.

Could you kindly reply fairly soon? If there are more than a dozen people we may have to find a larger café!

Best wishes


Summaries of several Wills now available

Several Satchwell Wills have been summarised on the UK Sources/ Wills page.

Work in progress is the transcript of the 1871 census for the surname variant Satchell. This will be uploaded shortly.