1841 Census for Satchell variant

is now available on the UK Sources – Census page. And Rugby town and surrounding villages have all been checked for Satchell and Satchwell names. This includes Dunchurch, Bilton, Clifton-on-Dunsmore, Harborough Magna, Church Lawford and Newbold-on-Avon on the Parish Registers-Warwickshire document. In due course charts will be drawn to show family relationships.

1861 Census for surname variant Satchell

is now transcribed on the UK Sources-Census page.

Sketch maps

Eight new sketch maps on the Maps page show where many Satchwells lived before the 20th century. Use a proprietary map to get more accurate bearings. Alan Godfrey large scale maps are recommended especially for urban areas for the 19th century and can be ordered from their external site shown on the Links page.

The Satchwills of Devon, Jersey and Scotland

Following a visit to Exeter, three charts relating to the Satchwill line are overhauled (Berry Pomeroy, St Mary Church and Paignton). Berry Pomeroy-Jersey is now combined into the former. New chart Combe-in-Teignhead is also provided. You can read further about these on the Chart Descriptions page, which has been updated for these four charts. I have made a number of assumptions and guesses which are described. Census and GRO documents no longer refer to the Berry Pomeroy-Jersey chart which is now deleted.

More work in the future may well uncover links between all these.

Pearls of Wisdom

New menu Wisdom contains things that a family historian should know about and things that sometimes are obscure. Feel free to tell me of any mistakes, as usual with everything on this site, or contribute more.

Enter the Satchells

I’ve now registered the Satchell spelling variant with the Guild of One-Name Studies, and now show the 1851 census and the Births, Marriages and Deaths for that spelling. It’s obvious there is some overlap with the Satchwells, and a combined approach will be taken from now on.

The Deddington and Silverstone charts can’t yet be combined after all, but I’ve added more details to both. The Satchell spelling on the Deddington branch is now cross referenced on the Satchell Births, Marriages and Deaths.

Work has been ongoing for Northamptonshire as a whole, and charts Hellidon, Lamport, Grafton Underwood, Yelvertoft and Chapel Brampton are updated.

New USA and Northamptonshire charts

New charts appear for New York (2), also Lamport and Hellidon in Northamptonshire. New Jersey, Deddington, Silverstone are updated, as are several others in a minor way affecting dates.

In fact Deddington and Silverstone are converging, and might soon be merged. The Banbury area of Oxfordshire seems to have been a hotbed for Satchells and Satchwells. Wisconsin-Idaho is now part of New York-John.

I am considering whether to add the variant Satchell to the research properly, and will look at feasibility.

On the People page, a biography of Charles Woodward is new (discovered on a visit to the Moravian Church Archives in London), as is one on William of Yelvertoft. William of Hellidon is updated.

The Will of John of Astrope (located near Kings Sutton, Northamptonshire), Settlement Orders, Monumental Inscriptions and Quarter Sessions for Northamptonshire are new, but I’ve still not been able to locate the trial details for Charles at Northampton in 1813, the convict who was transported to New South Wales.

All the USA census documents are updated. Chart descriptions of USA, Liverpool and Culworth are amended.

Further entries are added to parish registers, and a couple more cross references made in the rightmost column on GRO births, marriages and deaths.