New Portraits page added

For the future, I’ve added a new menu page Portraits. As yet I have nothing to put there. Any portraits of e.g. Benjamin from books will be subject to copyright.

If you have any suitable private material for this page, I’d be delighted to add it in.

To make space on the main menu, the Places page has been moved to a submenu called Chart Descriptions now reached from the Pedigree page.

Re-organised Places page

The document The Story of the Satchwells, formerly on the Profile page, has been split into separate documents, usually one for each chart of the same name. These are now on the Places page, and have all been updated.

The country and county summaries are still there.

General tidy and update

More photos are now included (maximum that can be accommodated on the page is 100MB).

Australian and Indian charts are renamed so as to drop the country name.

The Places page is no longer subdivided. Some documents formerly here are in the process of being rewritten so will be included again shortly. Documents on Satchwell families in the United States, Scotland and Devon/Jersey will appear soon.

Further cross-referencing has taken place on the GRO-Births, Marriages and Deaths.

United States census redone, and two US charts started

All USA census years have been revisited,  to now include occupations. These are on the Non-UK Sources – USA page. Two USA charts – New Jersey-Kentucky and Wisconsin-Idaho are started and appear on the Pedigree page.

I’ve looked out more Prisoners for the years 1800-1900 relating to Warwickshire and these appear on the UK Sources- Monuments- Quarter Sessions Warwickshire document.

Four new photos appear in the Photo Gallery of Hillmorton, Kilsby, Braunston and Braunston Top Lock.

Seventeen further UK charts are augmented, mainly by the inclusion of more specific dates. GRO Births, Marriages and Deaths have more cross-references, and Parish Registers for eight counties now have further entries, including a new document for Gloucestershire (albeit with only one baptism as yet).


Now that the site is off the ground, I’m taking a break for personal reasons. Currently operating as a Members’ Website of the Guild of One-Name Studies, for the future I’d like a standalone site which is more visible.

It would also be fantastic if a small quiet gathering could be organised for those bearing the Satchwell name, maybe on an annual basis. I did this a few times in the 2000s but have lost touch with many of those participants. If there is someone who is confident but responsible with social media could they kindly contact me to discuss plans how to do this nonintrusively. Not everyone uses social media and this is not the only way to reach people.

Thanks for watching! Michael

Rev Walter’s Obituary

A Baptist Minister of Attleborough, near Nuneaton in Warwickshire. His Obituary appears now on the People page.