A little earlier than expected due to rush

The Berry Pomeroy-Jersey chart is overhauled as is Scotland Census which relates to it.

Further work on Warwick town results in updates to Warwick1, Warwick3 and Leamington-William charts.

Minor updates to Deddington, Leamington-Job, Norton, Minworth-Tanworth2, Knowle-Tanworth3, Haseley and Leicester charts. And minor changes to census and GRO births, marriages and deaths in the light of more work.

New are Parish Register documents for Jersey and Somerset, albeit the latter with only one entry at the moment.

Research at Warwick results in more Quarter Sessions coming to light – why James was sent to Tasmania in 1836. Also William of Hillmorton’s will.

Final post for January 2017

Pages on New Zealand, Canada and India are added.

Census documents are updated to include some households actually recorded as Satchell which perhaps ought to belong to our Study, so Frankton, Long Lawford and Warwick localities are augmented.

GRO Births, Marriages and Deaths are now as up to date as can be achieved for the moment. A few additions are made to Parish Registers.

About half the charts have some update this time, and have now been thoroughly checked against the proprietary online websites, so I am now confident of their reliability. India-Agra and India-Dinapore are added, although they are very incomplete.

On the People page, 2 new documents are added: Jane Satchwell of Earlswood and George of New Zealand.

Future work will centre on details for the USA, also to attempt to study further back into the past to try to link charts together.


Indian Ancestry

Progress on Ireland and Australia

As a result of obtaining marriage certificates from the Irish GRO, the  ten charts for Ireland created 2 weeks ago have been merged down to five, Roscommon1-5. All documents on the Ireland Sources page are updated. I’ve also made a start on Australia, with four charts.  Esher and Leamington-Job are updated. Of course there’ll be more to come.

Descriptions of all these are on the Places page.

There’s a sensational description of the hanging of James Satchwell for murder in 1877 in Leicester in Coalville Murder on the People page. Also on that page are four new people descriptions. New counties are described on the Places page and there are updates to other counties.

A new chart appears for Chapel Brampton in Northamptonshire. There were two errors regarding a parentage on the Tanworth and Knowle-Tanworth3 charts which are now corrected. A family headed by James of Warwick has been removed from census documents as it seems they were not actually Satchwells. No charts were affected there.

Also there are updates to parish registers in Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire. The Wills Index has been analysed once again and further firm death dates have been assigned to people on several charts.

Midweek Post

Investigation into Kings Sutton, Northamptonshire results in the two charts Kings Sutton and Silverstone being merged.

Hence all references to Kings Sutton in the rightmost columns of all GRO, Census and Parish Register documents are altered to Silverstone. On the Profile page The Story of the Satchwells no longer refers to the Kings Sutton chart.

On the Leamington-Job chart, two errors were found. Herbert appeared in two places and Thomas’ second marriage was found in Aston, all children except first-born daughter Annie are now shown under his second wife.

On the Ladbroke chart, Walter’s first child is now shown correctly under his first wife. A household from this branch was found to be missing from the 1911 census document under West Bromwich. So the numbers on the Distribution by County table for Staffordshire have been upped by 5.

Further dates have been added to these and the Haseley, Leicester and Silverstone charts.

There are new Parish Register documents for Middlesex, Kent, Surrey and Northumberland. Those for Northamptonshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire have been added to.

In Places, Birmingham, and Satchwells in Northamptonshire are updated. In preparation are documents on Satchwells in other counties of England.


New year, new updates

Happy New Year!

All the London charts are updated with dates. There are minor date updates to Norton, Frankton, Leamington-Job, Silverstone, Culworth, Deddington, Leicester, Liverpool and Harborne2. The England and Wales GRO documents are updated with further cross-references in the rightmost column.

A visit to Northampton has resulted in Lamport, Hellidon and Chapel Brampton parish registers being examined and others revisited. Some interesting deeds and wills were also viewed. These will be written up shortly.