Final post 2016

Been busy the last two weeks! Nearly all charts have been updated with details of births, deaths and marriages. Few other changes have been made, except for spouses’ names when known. It’s probable there may still be errors – please tell me if there are. Charts Birmingham5, London7, 8, 11, 14, 15 have been removed because of lack of evidence.

The GRO Birth, Marriage and Death Indexes together with the Wills Index have been thoroughly cross-referenced with the Chart name in the last column.

Details for Ireland and the USA have been started. Further work on these countries and for Australia, Canada, New Zealand and India will be undertaken in 2017. It is likely that genealogists in the USA may already have investigated Satchwells in that country and I will attempt to make contact, as it almost impossible to make headway using the Census data alone.

Commentary on Coalmining in South Derbyshire relating to Satchwells on the Norton Chart is on the Trades page, and a summary of Settlement Orders (no link intended there!) for Warwickshire is added on the Monuments page. The Monumental Inscriptions for Warwickshire document on the same page is updated with inscriptions from Coventry London Road Cemetery.

In early 2017 the Story of the Satchwells document accessed from the front page will be revised.

Happy New Year!



Pre-Christmas Update

Despite a further visit to Warwick to check details, I’ve not yet been able to figure out the Knowle charts, and in fact have separated out Solihull again as I couldn’t connect it to Barston. Some data is missing from the registers as I know from Wills that James died 1822 father of Thomas of Knowle, but this doesn’t seem to be recorded anywhere.

Further small updates to all the census, GRO and parish register PDFs has taken place and more dates have been added to many of the charts. Mainly Norton and Frankton have been overhauled. Leicester and Esher are now a generation further back thanks to more certificates from the GRO.

New chart London22 shows East Indies-born John AV, however it’s not yet able to be linked to any of the other charts, and Louth has been renamed Spalding.

It would be good to have a few paragraphs on the coal mining industry in the 19th century and how this relates to the Satchwells on the Norton chart.

Happy Christmas 2016 to everyone!

Some small updates to Census, GRO pages and the Wills Index

but nothing life-changing, mainly adding Chart ID to the rightmost column where known. New is Monumental Inscriptions for Oxfordshire, while Satchwells in Business on the Trades page is expanded.

Coming shortly – updated versions of Barston-Knowle, Knowle and Knowle-Tanworth3 charts, which might at last be merged if I can figure it out. Also USA 1900 census.