Lots of small corrections over the weekend!

Review of some of the census documents revealed some errors which are hopefully now corrected.

Update of 1901 Cheshire census and 1911 Satchwill census. The Birkenhead and Paignton charts are improved, and some others have minor amendments.

November update

The issue at Kenilworth in the Leamington-Job chart is still there in that Mary Ann born 1839 may not after all be the daughter of David as stated in the registers. See census.

New chart Ireland-Birkenhead is created, and old charts Solihull (merged with Barston-Knowle) and London17 (merged with London5) have been removed.

All the census documents have been updated and families arranged in households in descending order of children’s ages. The distribution by county document is also updated.

Tanworth St Patrick burials were consulted, and the Tanworth chart redrawn.

The GRO births, marriages and deaths documents are also updated with the latest findings.

Another merge

The chart known as London18 is now merged into the one called Esher, following an overhaul of the 1861, 1871 and 1881 census data.

Also I have collated the 1870 census for the USA.

Nine new charts, and three old now merged

Just uploaded Coventry4-9, Warwick3-4 and Claverdon, which take us back to the 18th century, although we can’t yet join them on to existing charts at the moment.

Old chart Islington-Manchester is now part of Coventry3, Walsall2 part of Harborne2, and Warwick-Battersea part of Warwick1.

Further additions of mainly death years from the GRO document have been made to many of the charts, and the 1841 and 1861 census documents have been enhanced and individuals re-ordered into households.